About Us

zMailCloud was first introduced in 2010 by 01.com, Inc., a privately held leader in hosted, open-source collaboration solutions since 2006. Since  then, zMailCloud has grown steadily, and in 2015, 01.com, Inc. acknowledged its success by changing its company name to zMailCloud.

zMailCloud’s mission is simple:

Help businesses grow from start-up through IPO by delivering the most convenient, personalized, affordable and available online collaboration experience for organizations across most industries, including private and public businesses, not-for-profit (501c3), education and government.

  • No minimum number of users – sole proprietors welcome!
  • Self-service – add users any time, from one team member to thousands
  • Custom solutions available for even more users, and to meet special needs

Build your team without boundaries

These days we often have more in common with people across the world from us than our next door neighbors. We work and play with people we seldom see.

Like us, these real yet virtual associates and friends seem to have strong preferences about the right type of computer, mobile device, software. And like us, they prefer not to waste energy and time.

Use zMailCloud to improve your teamwork, regardless of time-zone, operating system, mobile device, web browser, mail client, technical aptitude or native tongue. Your success is our success, too.

History, Present and Future

In 2006, zMailCloud started as a single server in a Chicago, IL data center hosting 50 gigabytes of email for 10 small businesses. In 2008, zMailCloud was the first provider of its kind to introduce automated sign-up, activation, billing and self-service.

Today, zMailCloud is the largest installation of its kind in the world, managing hundreds of terabytes of data. To deliver on-demand, highly available email, calendaring, contact, file sharing and other collaboration services, the service is hosted from a specially designed, private cloud between multiple data centers in the United States.

zMailCloud now supports the daily collaboration of thousands of organizations. While most customers reside in North America, they connect from more than 100 countries, and send and receive billions of emails annually.  It’s not uncommon for customers to have single mailboxes with 50GB.

zMailCloud’s road map includes innovative services, industry leading capabilities, more convenience and greater value for our customers. We aim to take the work out of teamwork. At least with personalized email and its associated, collaborative services!

Thank you for reading about us. Contact us for more info or questions.

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