Zimbra corporate changes

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Earlier this week Zimbra spun off Telligent to Verint, immediately prior to aquisition by Synacor.
Our initial reaction:
  •  Positive on the Synacor acquisition.
    Synacor, one of Zimbra’s largest customers, focuses on delivering alternatives to Google and Microsoft for Internet Service Providers (ISPs). As a result, we believe they will focus on competitive innovation, which should directly improve features and benefits for zMailCloud and its customers.
  •  Positive on the Telligent spin-off.
    Telligent was formerly known as Zimbra Social, which was formerly known as Telligent, brought together with Zimbra in 2013. Technically quite different from Zimbra, for instance, Windows-based instead of Linux-based, Telligent’s corporate culture may have been similarly challenging to integrate.
For those of our customers unfamiliar with Zimbra, it is the primary instagram scheduler and developer and licensor of the software that we, zMailCloud customize and use as the basis for most services. With more than a decade of experience delivering solutions around Zimbra software to thousands of businesses across more than 100 countries, we are Zimbra’s earliest and largest exclusive technology solutions partner.

We are optimistic about the result of these changes, look forward to sharing more news as it becomes available.

Upgrade now: Zimbra Desktop 7.2.5.

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Just announced, Zimbra Desktop 7.2.5. has been released! If you are already running Zimbra Desktop version 7.2.3. or earlier, you can upgrade now.  If you haven’t tried Zimbra Desktop yet, you may install it for the 1st time.

What is Zimbra Desktop? 

Zimbra Desktop is Zimbra’s native & free desktop client, supporting Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms.

Install Process

To install the Zimbra Desktop client for the 1st time, download and run the Zimbra Desktop installer here.

Already using Zimbra Desktop?

Select “About Zimbra Desktop” from its drop-down menu, and click “Check for updates…” to upgrade to the latest version.

Future of Zimbra Desktop

Zimbra, which provides the underlying software that powers your zMailCloud service recently announced exciting new plans for Zimbra Desktop, including a brand-new, redesigned client expected to be released later this year.  Stay tuned for this and other exciting announcements coming soon!

Future directions for business-class email

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Where we are today

Listening to you, our customers, we continue to make the changes required to deliver reliable, compelling email service that takes the work out of teamwork.

Reliability is our primary objective, and you will probably be pleased to know that Zimbra agrees (see below, with the planned “Always On” architecture).

zMailCloud has also invested in programming and development independent of Zimbra, to respond more rapidly to customer priorities. Some features we’ve already implemented or plan to introduce before the end of 2013 include:

  • Anti-spam, virus & phishing. Faster, more accurate, integrated with the web client to make email management more secure, and convenient for you [? done]
  • Personalization. Simplifying configuration, new customers may use custom addresses such yourcompany.zmailcloud.com for login and email clients (existing clients may request this, too!) [? done]
  • Administrative reporting. New reports on mailbox usage make it easier for you to understand how your team is using zMC, and any consequent billing [? done]
  • Large-file attachment. New feature enabling you to deliver files up to 1GB in size from your desktop or zMC briefcases to recipients, even if they can normally only accept much smaller files [beta testing]
  • Up-time reporting. Improved customer experience monitoring [? done] – improved public reporting of service issues [in process]

And we’re looking forward to sharing other new capabilities we’re developing for 2014.

Where we’re headed, collaboratively, with Zimbra Next – version 9 and beyond

It’s our aim to deliver the highest reliability solution practical based on the underlying, Zimbra software. When we first introduced our solution, it was based on the Zimbra, version 3 software. Now, we’re on version 8!

zMailCloud expects to test Zimbra version 9, also called Zimbra.Next and code-named Judas Priest, later this year, in 2013. We will announce a plan to upgrade to it once it’s gone through our testing process, as early as Q1, 2014. Among many material improvements, expected new features include:

  • Always ON Architecture.  We’re pleased to report that zMailCloud and Zimbra agree that, simply put, email should never go down. It should be Always ON. There are several architectural changes made in the new Zimbra version intended to build resiliency and materially reduce potential downtime.
  • HTML5 Touch Client. The mobile client was rewritten from the ground up using the Sencha Touch HTML5 Mobile App Framework, including the existing tags, flags, search, and much more. It’s also optimized for today’s smartphones and tablet devices with touch and swipe gestures.
  • HTML5 Offline Client. The Zimbra Desktop application will be replaced by HTML5 offline capability built for today’s modern web browsers. No installation or configuration necessary! You will be able to access the web app using the same URL whether you are online or offline. Your web browser will be your client, either way. This should improve offline capability, even over slow internet connections. Technically speaking, in the background we can execute your requests on your locally cached data, and synchronize the changes.

Beyond this next version, we expect to be able to support additional, complementary, integrated collaborative services, such as private, secure chat, and mailing list/e-marketing management.

Thank you for your support

For more than 8 years we have endeavored to solve email problems for small and medium-sized businesses by delivering a flexible, complete and personalized, end-to-end solution.

Thank you first to the customers that have found, supported and grown with us during this entire time. We’re proud to be the communication platform for some to have started with a handful, and added hundreds of team members since starting. Next is appreciation for the customers that have left, and sometimes returned, inspired us to make sometimes painful, necessary changes to improve service. Finally we’re grateful to those who are considering, have considered our services for their businesses, fledgling, established and somewhere in between.

Our mission to help businesses reach their ambitions remains the same. Staying true to our mission has required us to lead the market for independent, business-class email based on the open-source Zimbra software for collaboration. So we continue to invest in the solution to deliver the most reliable, competitive value, despite challenges presented by complexity, growth and rapidly changing technology.

Zimbra acquired by Telligent

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Zimbra Acquired

This seems like the most positive move for Zimbra since its founding.

In July of this year, 2013, Zimbra was sold to a relatively small, private collaborative software company called Telligent, by the public virtual operating system pioneer VMware. The background:

  • Zimbra was founded in Silicon Valley back in 2003
  • We started working with them to deliver the foundation for what became zMailCloud in 2005-2006
  • The internet pioneer Yahoo! acquired Zimbra back in 2007
  • VMware’s acquired Zimbra from Yahoo! at the beginning of 2010

The consensus at zMailCloud is Telligent seems like the best home for Zimbra yet.

Why? Primarily because of 1) demonstrated corporate commitment to the product, 2) complementary solutions, and perhaps most importantly, 3) the opportunity to promote and deliver on a compelling strategic Vision.

User Tip: Mini Calendar Drag-n-Drop

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Get the most out of the mini-calendar with drag-n-drop features

In this post:
  • Quick-view appointments
  • Drag-n-drop to schedule
  • Convert emails to meetings

Posted by Andrew Rapp, 5/23/2013

When using the zMailCloud web client, you probably spend most of your time under the email tab, but did you know you can manage your calendar quickly and easily from that same view?   Here are two quick tricks for making the most of the calendar mini view.

When under the mail tab, the mini calendar is viewable at the bottom left of your screen, under your list of mailboxes, shares and zimlets.  Normally it sits there quietly in wait, but hover over any date and you’ll find a nice little surprise!

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