Zimbra corporate changes

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Earlier this week Zimbra spun off Telligent to Verint, immediately prior to aquisition by Synacor.
Our initial reaction:
  • ┬áPositive on the Synacor acquisition.
    Synacor, one of Zimbra’s largest customers, focuses on delivering alternatives to Google and Microsoft for Internet Service Providers (ISPs). As a result, we believe they will focus on competitive innovation, which should directly improve features and benefits for zMailCloud and its customers.
  • ┬áPositive on the Telligent spin-off.
    Telligent was formerly known as Zimbra Social, which was formerly known as Telligent, brought together with Zimbra in 2013. Technically quite different from Zimbra, for instance, Windows-based instead of Linux-based, Telligent’s corporate culture may have been similarly challenging to integrate.
For those of our customers unfamiliar with Zimbra, it is the primary instagram scheduler and developer and licensor of the software that we, zMailCloud customize and use as the basis for most services. With more than a decade of experience delivering solutions around Zimbra software to thousands of businesses across more than 100 countries, we are Zimbra’s earliest and largest exclusive technology solutions partner.

We are optimistic about the result of these changes, look forward to sharing more news as it becomes available.

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