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New features and improved performance

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Posted by Dan Stone, April 18, 2013

We are enthused to announce this month zMailCloud will benefit from scheduled upgrades to Mail Stronghold, our anti-spam and virus service.  We expect new features and improved performance.

If you have noticed an increase in spam recently, there is a good reason – the amount of spam in the Internet has more than doubled in volume since January. Cisco reports on recent spam volumes shows:

  •  A spam increase of 150% in February compared to January
  •  A spam increase of 210% March (to date) compared to January

Much of this spam are new types, and we have already updated our system with some new rules specifically created to trap these new types of spams. The upgrade will enable us to even more effectively identify and prevent these new types of spams, and prepare us for other planned improvements later this quarter.

We expect the upgrade to the anti-spam and virus service to occur before the end of the month, during a schedule maintenance period. No emails will be harmed during this upgrade process, although customers may experience a temporary service interruption.  As usual, we will post a message to the Customer Center when the maintenance is scheduled, starts, and when it is finished.  It is possible we may delay the upgrade again by a week or more, based on the results of continued pre-upgrade testing.

Here are a few of the highlights from the new additions and features that come with with this upgrade:

  • Improved identification of new spam types and zero-day response
  • Improved reliability and resiliency so as to exceed our 99.9% uptime goals
  • Improved outbound message scanning to reduce back-scatter and reaction time to other prospective attacks
  • Improved methods to throttle down a spam attack and prevent DoS-style attacks on the system and mailboxes
  • Improved reporting
  • Improved detection and intelligent contextualization of foreign languages
  • “Undo” support for anti-spam, black and white list-related actions in the web client
  • Block by IP address support in the web client

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We hope that you find these changes to the zMailCloud hosting environment as exciting, and helpful as we do.

Later this quarter we’re expecting more upgrades to the Mail Stronghold system, including more improvements to the web client integration, much better processing of all the spam you report, and making it easier for us to react more quickly to new types of spam.

If you have any questions about the upgrade, please contact our support team at 1-888-962-4525, option 4 or email us here at support:

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