Legal Compliance Archiving (LCA)

Enhanced data storage, search and retrieval services for email and attachments.

Standard Enhanced
Copies stored 30 Days Indefinitely
Extra No charge $25/account/year

By default, email in zMailCloud accounts is stored until deleted by customers, with copies backed up to provide 30 days of undelete/restore (see FAQ).  Some customers have additional requirements to store copies longer, for years, and even in perpetuity.

Private archives.  Offered on a per account basis, we can store all inbound and outbound email and attachments in separate, private archives. These private archives are stored for as long as you specify, may be kept indefinitely, and do not count in account storage calculations.  Unique to the zMailCloud environment, you may turn on archiving only for specific accounts, or automatically for all accounts.

Built-in e-discovery.  These archives are not accessible to users, instead are intended to keep legally compliant records of communications.  Furthermore, the archives can be securely searched by keyword across not only their content, but also exploded headers and more than 200 attachment types, to produce search results that may be required to respond to inquiries from regulatory compliance officers, attorneys, executives, and other roles you officially sanction.

Meets regulatory requirements.  Legal Compliance Archiving is particularly useful to fulfill legal compliance (SOX, HIPAA…) and other organizational policy requirements.  We have specialized solutions ready to meet common requirements, such as FINRA and SEC compliance, used by brokerage firms, among others.

Customized options available.  We encourage you to contact us to discuss your prospective needs.  The same team that designed zMailCloud also has designed many industry-specific solutions, including some for the strict requirements of the U.S. Federal Government.  We’re delighted to share our expertise, and if we can help you ourselves, ensure you have no more, and no less than the solution you need.  Please contact us.

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