Maximum # of mailboxes, domains, aliases & lists?

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We also refer to mailboxes as accounts. After your first account, there’s no limit to the number you may add.

Dan Says:

While we support some larger businesses, our cloud is designed for helping you grow conveniently from one to hundreds of employees without having to make costly service changes. So we tend to serve small and medium-sized organizations (SMB), typically between 1 and 250 team members, and averaging about 25 per customer.

If you need more more accounts, or may require some special features, please contact me about customized service options.

Jay Says:
You may add, delete and change accounts conveniently at any time, independently through your secure Administrator Console. There you may also administrate your unlimited, free-of-additional charge account aliases and company distribution/mailing lists.
At time of order, for each primary domain name, you may add an unlimited number of domain aliases free-of-additional charge. Contact our Help Desk to make changes to domain aliases after that.

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