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6. Billing

Is the free 25 GB space per account pooled?


Dan says:
So, if you have 4 accounts (“mailboxes”), then you’re entitled to 100GB of space across those 4 accounts, without any additional charge for space.  For instance, you may have 50 GB in one account, 22 GB in another, and only 1 GB in each of the remaining 3 accounts.
Pat Says:
This assumes we’re discussing annual term accounts.
Monthly term accounts are billed based on their actual usage, across all accounts.  In other words, unlike annual term accounts, with accounts on month-to-month terms, we don’t include space free-of-additional charge.

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Discounts for not-for-profit, or other organizations?

Yes.  We provide discounts for qualifying 501c3 (NFP), government (GOV) and educational (EDU) organizations.

Dan Says:
Please contact me with information on your organization, so we can qualify you for any applicable discounts.

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How do we get billed?

Billing is based on monthly reports.

zMailCloud is unique for its convenience.  You don’t have to go through a time-consuming process of purchasing new accounts each time you want to add them.  We allow direct access to the Admin Console where you may make changes, add and delete accounts yourself, any time.  Billing occurs later, based on automated monthly reporting.
Pat Says:
Here’s the overview of our automated billing process schedule, in 4 phases:
  • Phase 1.  21st of the month: initial mailbox count.  Invoice Preview sent for additions/changes to Account(s).
  • Phase 2.  28th of the month: final mailbox count.
  • Phase 3.  1st of the month: invoicing and report, if due.
  • Phase 4.  3rd of the month: payment processing, if due.
For more details, please see our Terms of Service for Billing.

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Are new accounts I add prorated?

Yes, for customers with annual terms.
No, for customers with month-to-month terms.

If you have six months remaining on an annual term, and add an account, you’ll get billed for the six remaining months (50%) of service for that one, additional account.
If you add an account to a month-to-month term, you’ll be billed for it once reported for the next month, along with the rest of your accounts.

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