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Everything you ever wanted to know about zMailCloud, but were afraid to ask….

4. Compatibility

Support for Apple Mail, iCal and Address Book?

Yes. Mac support is in our DNA!

Dan Says:
While accessing zMailCloud via your web browser offers a consistent experience across all platforms, and more features, such as Briefcase file sharing, we support direct configuration with Apple computers’ pre-installed software.
Jay Says:
On up-to-date macs, we support the built-in mail, calendar and contact apps natively, that is, without having to add any software to your macs, only with straight-forward configuration. Configure zMailCloud in Mail app as an IMAP server, and real-time contacts and calendars sync via Mac’s buil-in support for CalDav and CardDav, the respective, open standards for calendar and contact sharing. See our Getting Started Guide for more details.

For Apple OS desktop clients we recommend using the built-in Mac software, our native desktop client, or Mozilla’s Thunderbird. Note that while we support not only email, but calendar, contact sync with the Windows version of Outlook, at this time we support mail-only, IMAP-configurations with Mac Outlook clients.

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What mobile devices are supported?

We support access from all popular mobile devices, including iOS, Android, Microsoft and Blackberry.

Dan Says:
While our web client conveniently offers access to the most features in one place, we support many ways to access your accounts at zMailcloud. Our system is designed for broad compatibility, supporting real-time updates and enabling you to Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), whether you’re using phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and even an associates, or public computer’s web browser.
So when you’re batteries are low, you can use almost any web browser on any computer to access all of your collaborative features, including file sharing, without losing drag-and-drop ease-of-use. Use other ways, like Outlook, too? We’ll sync them all.
Jay Says:
We support most mobile devices natively, that is, without having to add any software to your mobile device, with straight-forward configuration. Real-time synchronization, aka “push,” of email, contacts, calendars and tasks is supported free-of-additional-charge via ActiveSync for devices such as iPhones, Microsoft Windows and Android.
Blackberry devices are also supported free-of-additional charge, although limited to BIS, email-only synchronization without our optional Blackberry (BES) service, see Pricing.  The Blackberry (BES) Service option enables your users’ Blackberry devices to natively, automatically synchronize in near-real time with their accounts, including email, calendar, contacts and tasks, like ActiveSync devices.  This synchronization occurs over-the-air, does not require tethering.
We also support a special, mobile version of our web browser for mobile devices, so you can access more features than your device may otherwise be capable. This mobile web client is reachable from anywhere, just like our advanced, desktop web client.
For configuration instructions, see our Getting Started Guide.

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Do you support Outlook?

Yes. Outlook for Windows is freely, and well-supported by zMailCloud.

Dan Says:
While the web client conveniently offers access to the most features in one place, we support many ways to access zMailCloud. At no additional charge we provide not only the software you need to move Outlook mailboxes quickly into our cloud, but also keep your mail, contacts, calendars, tasks and much more up-to-date. We provide the most mature Outlook compatibility on the market outside of Microsoft. And exceeding Microsoft, we support even more functionality in our innovative web client. So when you’re away from Outlook, you can use almost any web browser on any computer to access all of your collaborative features, including file sharing, without losing drag-and-drop ease-of-use. Use other ways, like mobile devices, too? We’ll sync them all.
Jay Says:
For configuration information, please see our Getting Started Guide.
Use the .PST import tool, a wizard to migrate your Outlook mailbox into zMailCloud. Use the Outlook connector (ZCO) to sync automatically, bi-directionally between Outlook users and zMailCloud. zMailCloud supports import wizard and connector with Outlook for Windows, versions 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. Due to Outlook’s poor past implementations on the Mac, Outlook for Mac support is under development, and currently only supported using IMAP connectivity. Please see our Mac FAQ for further info on our otherwise excellent Mac support.
Additional Information:

Supported features:

  • Email, calendars, tasks and contacts syncing/sharing
  • Personas are available in Outlook under Tools > Options > Personas
  • Mail Filters are available in Outlook under Tools > Server Rules
  • Tags are synchronized with Outlook Categories
  • Account quotas: view account quotas under Tools > Mailbox Quota. If close to quota, you may use Outlook Archiving to save files to your computer to prevent going over your quota limit. Outlook Archiving removes the messages from the zMailCloud servers. Note that this free archiving is different from our optional, Legal Compliance Archiving (LCA) service.  Also reference quota billing policies.
  • Shared folders: accessed under Outlook > File > Open > Other User’s Folder. Shares can be created/edited by right-clicking on the item to share, and selecting the sharing tab.

Unsupported features:

  • Out of Office Reply is not available from Outlook. You may log into the zMailCloud web client to set up and turn off your out-of-office alerts.
  • Search folders created in zMailCloud do not synchronize to Outlook.

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Fax machine and website outbound mail support?


Dan Says:
If you’re currently supporting them, we’ll work with you to continue your existing outbound mail services during your transition.
Jay Says:
This assumes that your fax machine supports email already, you want us to establish what’s commonly referred to as SMTP “mail relay.” After you sign-up for service, please use the Customer Center’s Help Desk to request mail relay service for your fax machine, web site, or other system. We will work with you to secure it, as practical.

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Do we all have to use the same type of computer?

No! Let them choose. We make it easy for your team to share ideas, schedules, events, contacts, tasks, files and more, without requiring everyone to use the same devices or software.

Dan Says:
Use your web browser for access to all our features and a common user experience. Also use Outlook, the built-in Apple Mail App, iCal and Address Book, Mozilla’s Thunderbird, and whatever mobile devices your team prefers, too. It’s never been more convenient for your users to make such choices, and switch at will.
Jay Says:
We specialize in helping you communicate between platforms, software and devices, collaborate across distances and even languages, keep your team in sync, regardless of individual software, device, or time-zone. This includes support for:

  • Outlook for Windows
  • The built-in Mac applications such as, iCal and Address Book
  • Thunderbird on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Any POP or IMAP standards compliant mail client
  • Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome web browsers
  • iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows and Blackberry mobile devices

Additionally, we are committed to standards-based (RFC) support for the following, secure protocols, across all three major platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux):

  • HTTP
  • SMTP
  • LDAP
  • IMAP
  • POP
  • ActiveSync
  • CalDAV
  • CardDAV

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