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5. Features

Send email from other email address, or identity?

Affirmative! So you may respond as, for instance, “,” or “”

Dan Says:
Want to be able to send mail from an email address other than your own? The Personas feature lets you send from any email address, and even associate separate, unique names and signatures.
Jay Says:
Personas (also known as “identities”) let you send “from” different email addresses from zMailCloud, masking your default email address and name. Conveniently, email received to your personas may be automatically separated into persona-specific directories/folders, responding to that email will automatically enable the matching Persona.

  • Using Outlook for Windows? Your Personas sync automatically.
  • Use the Personas feature with the External Email Checking feature to centralize all your email sending and receiving.

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Use web client to check email hosted elsewhere?


Respondent Says:
You can use zMailCloud to centralize, organize and search email from multiple email accounts, without losing the flexibility of replying “from” anyone of them.
Jay Says: Email Me
The External Email Account feature allows your to retrieve email from one or multiple, other accounts without having to log in to each of them separately.

Furthermore, use the Personas feature with the External Email Checking feature to conveniently centralize all your email, across all your POP or IMAP email, hosted at zMailCloud, or elsewhere.

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Do you support bulk email delivery, or a listserver?

We process billions of email messages annually. While we can easily support even the demanding requirements of eMarketing, we do not support sending unsolicited email “spam”.

Dan Says:
We allow our customers to send legitimate bulk email with zMailCloud, either in the standard way, or using a specialized, hosted email marketing software, called eMarketer. eMarketer not only supports almost unlimited outbound email, but many other features in a comprehensive, contact list management system, such as automatic opt-in/out, contact preferences, click-through reporting, surveys and more.

If you wish to send legitimate email through any one, single account (“mailbox”) to more than 500 recipients per email message, or 5,000 recipients per day, please contact me. Let’s discuss your needs. We can simply allow you to send more mail through zMailCloud, demo eMarketer, or discover a new solution together.

Jay Says:
We do not allow customers to send spam email using zMailCloud, where spam is defined as as any email that generates a complaint of spam from a recipient, also known as “abuse.”

For the benefit of everyone, and the zMailCloud community in particular, we have anti-spam rules about outbound email in our Terms of Service (ToS). Fortunately, we seldom have a need to enforce these rules, since our anti-fraud and monitoring systems most often weed-out prospective spammers before they’re able to spam, or else severely limits their impact.

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Can I use you for contact management?

Many organizations do not need anything more for contact management than zMailCloud.

Dan Says:
Our service includes integrated contact management features among its email, and collaborative features. For instance, you can use zMailCloud to share address books, and consequent contact updates with your team.

Looking for something more, like a fully-featured mailing list server? Please visit our email marketing FAQ.

Jay Says:
Contact fields are limited to those commonly supported by address books provided by Outlook and Mac Address Book.

Please note that we are not a customer relationship management (CRM) system, although we can integrate with these types of systems, share data between them.

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Questions about using new custom server addresses

Q: When do I need to update to new custom server addresses in zMailCloud? 

– This change must be made prior to your scheduled maintenance window.

Q: Will my email address change? 

– No, your email address will remain the same.  Only the server names used when logging into webmail or configuring mobile devices such as iPhones or android phones, or mail clients such as Zimbra Desktop, Outlook or Apple Mail are changing.

Q: Can I still use server addresses after the maintenance window (,, etc.)? 

– No.  After this maintenance, using a server address to login to your webmail account or using a server address to connect using a mail client will no longer work.

Q: What is my new custom server address? 

–  Your new custom address is formatted as:, replacing “yourdomainname” with the domain name you are currently using with zMailCloud, minus your generic top-level domain (.com, .net. etc.).  

For example, if the domain you are using in zMailCloud is, your new custom server address is:

Q: Where do I go to login to the Admin Console?

– Your new Admin Console login is at: (replace “yourdomainname” with your new custom server address.

Q: How do I update the zMailCloud Outlook Connector to use the new custom server address? 

– Please see this article:

Q: How do I update iOS devices to use the new custom server address? 

– First, determine if you are syncing your account as Exchange Activesync (recommended) or IMAP.  To do this go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > your zMailCloud account.  Your account type will be listed at the top of your account details.

If your account type is Exchange, click on your Account details and update the “Server” field to your custom server address (, for example, replacing “xyz” with your own custom server address) and click on Done when finished.

If your account type is IMAP/POP, click on your Account details on update the “Incoming Mail Server Host Name” and “Outgoing Mail Server/SMTP address” to your new custom server address.  Click on Done when finished making changes.

Q: How do I update Mac Mail/ 

– Go to Mail > Preferences > Accounts > (your zMailCloud account) > Account Information tab.  Update the “Incoming Mail Server” to your new custom server address.

Next, go to the Outgoing Mail Server and click the drop-down menu > Edit SMTP server list.  Locate your zMailCloud account server from the list and update the server name to your new custom server address. Click OK when done making changes.

Q: How do I update Android phones: 

– Go to Settings > Accounts > Microsoft Exchange Activesync > Settings > Exchange Server Settings > (your zMailCloud account) > Server and update the server address to your new custom server address.

Q: How do I update 

– Open Thunderbird and go to Tools > Account Settings and update the Server name to your new custom server address.  Once that is done, go to the Outgoing Server tab > (your zMailCloud account) > Edit and update the Server address to your new custom address & click OK when done.


If you have any additional questions, please contact our help desk by email at:, or by phone at 1-888-962-4525 x4.

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