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Everything you ever wanted to know about zMailCloud, but were afraid to ask….

1. Most Common

How do you define account, and mailbox?

We refer to mailboxes as accounts. An account is an email address where one receives, and through which one may organize, tag, search, share and send email.

Dan Says:

Each account also has access to other features such as calendars, address books, briefcases for storing files of any type, tasks and other information, each of which, like email folders themselves, may be organized, searched, tagged and shared the way you want.

While it’s expected that each account will only be used by one person, each account may be accessed by one person’s many different devices simultaneously. For example, you may use Outlook at the office, a Mac at home, a Blackberry on the road, sometimes an iPod Touch, and when none are accessible, a web browser. With a zMailCloud account, email, calendars, contacts and tasks stay up-to-date across all of your devices, automatically updated within minutes across the internet.

Jay Says:
Accounts are where zMailCloud stores information for each user, including the data Dan mentions above and more, such as user preferences, rules, and anti-spam/virus black and white lists. Additionally, each person’s account supports the self-configuration of many signatures, personas and externally-checked mailboxes.

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How do you secure my email?

zMailCloud uses a multi-layered approach to email security, and provides many additional options to secure your email.

Dan Says:
When we talk about our online community, and shared resources, it’s important you know that, other people cannot see your email, calendars, contacts, or other data, unless you want them to!  We take your privacy seriously, and work to maintain your confidentiality, as documented in our Terms of Service.
The team that built zMailCloud has also been the architect of messaging solutions for organizations with strict regulatory requirements, including those in finance, health care and the U.S. Federal Government. After reviewing Jay’s specific list below, please contact me if you’ve any questions or additional needs.
Jay Says:
Some specifics on how we secure email:

  • Encryption in transit: 256-bit SSL/TLS available free for all services
  • Free, advanced, integrated anti-spam, virus and phishing
  • Encryption at rest: S/MIME support available free for all accounts
  • Secure, regulatory compliant and certified Infrastructure
  • Support for SPF Records
  • Optional Automated Security Gateway for public/private (PKI) management, encryption, non-repudation and digital loss/leak prevention (DLP) outbound content scanning and actions
  • Reference our Terms of Service, Cloud Addendum: Security.

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Common zMailCloud support questions

How can I contact zMailCloud for support? 

You can reach our help desk by email at: or by phone at: 1-888-962-4525 x4.

What are the new support hours? 

Customers with more than 25 accounts may reach help desk support between the hours of 7AM – 7PM Central Time, Monday through Friday at: 1-888-962-4525 x4.

How do I find how many accounts I have in zMailCloud?

Please submit a ticket by emailing: with the Subject line: Account size.

I have over 25 mailboxes in zMailCloud.  Can I call in for help desk support?

Yes, accounts with over 25 mailboxes may reach phone support between 7AM – 7 PM Central Time, Monday through Friday at: 1-888-962-4525 x4.  Help desk tickets may also be submitted anytime by emailing

I have under 25 mailboxes in zMailCloud.  Can I call in for help desk support? 

Yes, accounts with under 25 mailboxes may still call in for questions/issues, but our help desk support response is limited to email only.  Our Customer Service team can assist you in getting your questions to the right team quickly for prompt resolution at 1-888-962-4525 x4.

What about system-down issues? 

zMailCloud engineers will continue to monitor systems 24×7, and will respond to systems-down issues immediately.  In addition, our customer service team is trained to report issues to engineers for prompt resolution.

I have a question that is not answered here

Please email our support team with your question at: 

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What are your service requirements?

zMailCloud delivers software as a service (SaaS), supported, so common broadband internet access, allowing us to host your email, and a valid credit card may be considered the only key requirements.

Dan Says:
While we support broad compatibility with most devices and software, because you access zMailCloud online, no particular device or software is required. No more than one mailbox is required for purchase. Your team may be located together, or separated by national borders, as long as they have internet access. No licensing, nor even expertise is needed. We’re happy to provide a free consultation.
Jay Says:

We expect you’ll have control over at least one domain name, such as, and update its mail exchange (MX) records when you’ve prepared to receive email at zMailCloud by signing up for service and adding your mailboxes through the web Admin Console. Note that we do not provide domain name, nor website hosting, and it’s normally not necessary for you to make any changes to those services while migrating to, and using ours.

For accessing our service, computers purchased in the last 6 years usually work fine, as will modern operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), web browsers and software you’ve kept up-to-date. Minimum requirements are listed in our Terms of Service.

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Account, attachment and upload size limits?

Account/mailbox size limit: 50 GB (50,000MB). File attachment size limit: 50 MB. File upload size limit: 1GB (1,000 MB).

Dan Says:
Note that our competitors typically limit attachment sizes to under 25MB, do not provide file upload service without additional charges, and limit account size from 2 to 25GB.
Jay Says:

You may also ask why we allow larger file uploads than attachments? Well, not only can you share files that you’ve uploaded to other team members using zMailCloud, but you may also send links to those files by email to recipients outside of zMailCloud. Password protected or public, we provide this way to transmit files larger than might otherwise be received as attachments by external recipients.

Please note that due to the typical limitations of mail clients other than our advanced web client, it’s best practice to use the web client with very large mailbox sizes, or else if you can, limit your other email client to only displaying a selection of your available mail, the way you can, for instance, set your iPhone preferences to only show the last month of mail.

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Have you got priority inbox, and rules support?

Yes. With many options for personalization.

Dan Says:
We support creating a priority inbox, or using your default inbox as a priority inbox, for instance, only allowing email from senders already in your address book.
Jay Says:
Use our Filters feature to highly customize priority inbox, and other automatic behaviors. Filters, available to every zMailCloud account from their web client preferences, support actions based on conditions you set for incoming, and also outgoing email.

  • Filter conditions (any/all) include: From, To, Subject, Header, Size, Date, Body, Attachment, Read Receipt, Address in, and Calendar
  • Filter actions include: Keep in Inbox, Discard, File into Folder, Tag with, Mark and Forward to Address
  • Using Outlook for Windows? Your Filters sync automatically with your Outlook rules.

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How do I contact zMailCloud for support?

Need assistance with your zMailCloud Account? First, please check the status updates to ensure the problem isn’t a known issue affecting all users. If not, you can find answers to many questions, or submit a support ticket by visiting our Help Desk.

You may also reach us by phone at: 1-888-962-4525 or email at: help (at)

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