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3. Support

How do I reset my password, I can’t log in.

If you are experiencing problems logging into your zMailCloud account or receive a message that your username or password is incorrect, or authentication failed message please check the following:

  • Verify server address

Customers with custom addresses, please make sure to use your custom domain address, such as or (if not using a custom address), or the URL address for whichever server your mailbox(es) are on.

  • Check password

Passwords in zMailCloud are case sensitive.  Please make sure you do not have caps lock on or have mistyped your password.

If you continue to have problems logging into your account, please contact your Administrator who can perform a password reset for your account or contact our help desk through the Customer Center, AIM chat at, or by phone at 1-888-962-4525 (888-zMailCloud).

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How do I update my MX records?

MX records should only be configured after you have successfully signed up for service, used the domain admin control panel to add all of your mailboxes, aliases and distribution lists, and read through our Getting Started section in our online help desk to verify you’re prepared to start receiving email at zMailCloud.

Here are our MX record DNS settings, where 10, 20, 50 are the priority of the servers ( is checked first, second, third):


Your own domain is typically listed to the left of the priority, and some DNS hosts require a trailing period, for instance, “”. We have step-by-step documentation for configuring your MX records for the the top DNS hosts in our online help desk, available to you after automated sign-up.

Note that while mail stored on is not viewable to clients, will queue and forward mail for our clients’ domains in the event the destination server is unreachable, such as during scheduled maintenance (clients, please see our help desk News for our maintenance schedule). Also, will queue messages for up to 5 days in the event of a disaster.

Please note that when you place your order, your chosen domain is configured automatically on the zMailCloud servers. Mail will not be directed to your domain on the zMailCloud servers until you change your MX record in your DNS. The exception to this rule is for existing clients using the zMailCloud servers, including zMailCloud team members: for these users, the zMailCloud mail server will attempt delivery only to the domain installed locally. For example, prior to switching your MX record, if you’re wondering why you haven’t received responses from zMailCloud team members, check your mailbox on the zMailCloud server, because our messages, sent through the zMailCloud servers, will be delivered there.

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What are my migration options?

We have made switching to zMailCloud quick and easy for thousands of organizations.

Dan Says:
We know how important a smooth transition can be for your business. Without inconveniencing your users, you can migrate from one to thousands of accounts, with our advice, free software wizards or 100% satisfaction-guaranteed, professional migration assistance.
After ordering, you’ll be able to login to our Customer Center’s Help Desk and its knowledgebase, where step-by-step instructions are accessible with migration support options.  Want us to manage migration for you?  Contact me for a custom migration plan.
Jay Says:
Self-migration options include, among others, PST import wizard, syncing from your desktop clients, ICS or CSV uploads. Optionally we can often do it all for you, from planning through data transfer.
Our migration team has more than eight years experience not only with mail, but also calendars, contacts and other data from other solutions, including, for instance, Exchange (hosted and on premises), Groupwise, Google Apps (GApps) Domino/Notes, Ipswitch, and POP/IMAP-based systems such as Postfix and Sendmail. See our Getting Started Guide for more details.Whether you migrate yourself, or we do it or you, we support split-domain & dual-delivery transitional configurations, multi-threaded IMAP-sync and more.

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When do you schedule system maintenance?

Scheduled Maintenance

If you’re experiencing issues at this time, please check our Customer Center, where we provide scheduled maintenance notifications, and real-time status, and situation updates.As you may imagine, it takes a lot of work to keep zMailCloud performing well for you! We try to perform our maintenance duties without interrupting your services. When practical, we skip prospective system maintenance that does not deliver meaningful benefits to our customers.

Yet there are times when we must temporarily stop services to maintain, upgrade and test zMailCloud and our contingency procedures. Outside of emergencies, we work to schedule such service interruptions in advance, and on days and times most likely convenient for you, when the zMailCloud community is least active. Uncounted by our public up-time statistics, these service interruptions are Scheduled Maintenance, as defined in our Terms of Service.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Common zMailCloud support questions

How can I contact zMailCloud for support? 

You can reach our help desk by email at: or by phone at: 1-888-962-4525 x4.

What are the new support hours? 

Customers with more than 25 accounts may reach help desk support between the hours of 7AM – 7PM Central Time, Monday through Friday at: 1-888-962-4525 x4.

How do I find how many accounts I have in zMailCloud?

Please submit a ticket by emailing: with the Subject line: Account size.

I have over 25 mailboxes in zMailCloud.  Can I call in for help desk support?

Yes, accounts with over 25 mailboxes may reach phone support between 7AM – 7 PM Central Time, Monday through Friday at: 1-888-962-4525 x4.  Help desk tickets may also be submitted anytime by emailing

I have under 25 mailboxes in zMailCloud.  Can I call in for help desk support? 

Yes, accounts with under 25 mailboxes may still call in for questions/issues, but our help desk support response is limited to email only.  Our Customer Service team can assist you in getting your questions to the right team quickly for prompt resolution at 1-888-962-4525 x4.

What about system-down issues? 

zMailCloud engineers will continue to monitor systems 24×7, and will respond to systems-down issues immediately.  In addition, our customer service team is trained to report issues to engineers for prompt resolution.

I have a question that is not answered here

Please email our support team with your question at: 

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Is antivirus/antispam filtering included?


Yes, zMailCloud includes a free, integrated anti-virus and anti-spam system called Mail Stronghold to control in-bound spam and viruses from within your web client account, including the ability to whitelist (always allow) and blacklist (never allow) certain senders from emailing your account.

Please see this article for more information on using Mail Stronghold.

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What is the scope of your help desk support?

Any person in your organization, end-user or administrator, with a zMailCloud account (aka mailbox) may contact our Help Desk support team, available seven days a week by phone, web issue tracking system, and chat.

Dan Says:

Yes, we support technical systems. And yes, we support people, too, technical and otherwise.

Not only do we take care of upgrading and maintaining the underlying service for you, but also deliver experienced support for your team members. Our English-speaking Help Desk team members are all based in the United States, each averaging more than 4 years with zMailCloud. Our customers not only the use web clients, but also many different devices and software to more conveniently communicate with each other from home, office and while traveling. We’re well-prepared to support the unique needs of the people that comprise your business, help you grow faster, compete better.

Jay Says:

We will help you use zMailCloud to collaborate more effectively. Help Desk support is available seven days every week via web issue tracking/ticketing system, chat and telephone.

Help may take many different forms, depending on your needs. Together we may plan for your migration to zMailCloud, deliver a presentation or remote control sessions, share best practices, or we may simply ask you to follow links to our documentation.

We do our best to provide well-trained, empathetic team members, with a focus on “teach-to-fish” support. When practical, we teach you how to troubleshoot, and find answers yourself, so you can be a better technical resource to your organization, and more quickly, effectively communicate and work together using zMailCloud.

Additional Information:

Examples of in-scope support include:

  • Priority response
  • Trouble-shooting and diagnostics of client-side issues in supported web clients, mail clients, and mobile devices
  • Occasional remote control and screen sharing sessions to expedite trouble-shooting
  • Escalation to Systems Administration, Billing and Sales departments as needed

Examples of out-of-scope support include:

  • Programming, training and complex services, any of which may be optional Professional Services, for which please contact us
  • Any software or device unsupported or classified as “beta” by its developer or us; conflicts between various pieces of desktop software (ie: Outlook plug-ins); and issues caused by use of software or device outside its accepted operating procedures, or in an unsupported manner. For all these, please see our Terms of Service (ToS)
  • Helping to reinstall an operating system
  • Troubleshooting HTML signature code

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Can I recover stuff I accidentally delete?

Yes, and free-of-additional charge. From within the zMailCloud web client, you may search for and restore items deleted recently. We can also restore individual accounts in their entirety up to 30 days ago.

Dan Says:
If you accidentally delete a file, or even an entire account up to 30 days ago, we can normally help you retrieve it.
Optionally, our Legal Compliance Archiving (LCA) service extends the capability even further. Only with email and attachments, LCA enables a separate, private archive of all inbound and outbound mail for select accounts, and allows cross-archive keyword searching by content, headers and most attachments in perpetuity, for as long as you maintain the archiving service.
Jay Says:

Note that you may keep mail in your account as long as you like, we have an unlimited email retention policy, except for mail stored in Trash or Junk folders, which it’s our standard policy to delete after 30 days. You may alter your email retention policy per domain, by request.

For full-account restores, we will restore your account(s) under different name(s), such as restored_mailbox, after which you can login, find your information, and send it to yourself. To request restoration, please submit a ticket through the Help Desk with the subject: Restore Mailbox. Please include the date, time & time zone you would like to restore the account to. It normally takes us less than 48 hours to perform these requests. You can find the Help Desk from the Customer Center.

Pat Says: Email Me
Given less than a handful of restore requests per calendar year, we perform full mailbox restores free-of-charge for zMailCloud clients. To avoid automatic charges for fully-restored mailboxes on your next invoice, please remove the restored mailboxes through the Admin Console before the 28th of the month or contact billing via the Customer Center’s Help Desk to request a 1 month extension if you would like additional time to work with restored mailboxes.

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How do I contact zMailCloud for support?

Need assistance with your zMailCloud Account? First, please check the status updates to ensure the problem isn’t a known issue affecting all users. If not, you can find answers to many questions, or submit a support ticket by visiting our Help Desk.

You may also reach us by phone at: 1-888-962-4525 or email at: help (at)

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