Do you support bulk email delivery, or a listserver?

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We process billions of email messages annually. While we can easily support even the demanding requirements of eMarketing, we do not support sending unsolicited email “spam”.

Dan Says:
We allow our customers to send legitimate bulk email with zMailCloud, either in the standard way, or using a specialized, hosted email marketing software, called eMarketer. eMarketer not only supports almost unlimited outbound email, but many other features in a comprehensive, contact list management system, such as automatic opt-in/out, contact preferences, click-through reporting, surveys and more.

If you wish to send legitimate email through any one, single account (“mailbox”) to more than 500 recipients per email message, or 5,000 recipients per day, please contact me. Let’s discuss your needs. We can simply allow you to send more mail through zMailCloud, demo eMarketer, or discover a new solution together.

Jay Says:
We do not allow customers to send spam email using zMailCloud, where spam is defined as as any email that generates a complaint of spam from a recipient, also known as “abuse.”

For the benefit of everyone, and the zMailCloud community in particular, we have anti-spam rules about outbound email in our Terms of Service (ToS). Fortunately, we seldom have a need to enforce these rules, since our anti-fraud and monitoring systems most often weed-out prospective spammers before they’re able to spam, or else severely limits their impact.

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