How do I update my MX records?

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MX records should only be configured after you have successfully signed up for service, used the domain admin control panel to add all of your mailboxes, aliases and distribution lists, and read through our Getting Started section in our online help desk to verify you’re prepared to start receiving email at zMailCloud.

Here are our MX record DNS settings, where 10, 20, 50 are the priority of the servers ( is checked first, second, third):


Your own domain is typically listed to the left of the priority, and some DNS hosts require a trailing period, for instance, “”. We have step-by-step documentation for configuring your MX records for the the top DNS hosts in our online help desk, available to you after automated sign-up.

Note that while mail stored on is not viewable to clients, will queue and forward mail for our clients’ domains in the event the destination server is unreachable, such as during scheduled maintenance (clients, please see our help desk News for our maintenance schedule). Also, will queue messages for up to 5 days in the event of a disaster.

Please note that when you place your order, your chosen domain is configured automatically on the zMailCloud servers. Mail will not be directed to your domain on the zMailCloud servers until you change your MX record in your DNS. The exception to this rule is for existing clients using the zMailCloud servers, including zMailCloud team members: for these users, the zMailCloud mail server will attempt delivery only to the domain installed locally. For example, prior to switching your MX record, if you’re wondering why you haven’t received responses from zMailCloud team members, check your mailbox on the zMailCloud server, because our messages, sent through the zMailCloud servers, will be delivered there.

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