Support for Apple Mail, iCal and Address Book?

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Yes. Mac support is in our DNA!

Dan Says:
While accessing zMailCloud via your web browser offers a consistent experience across all platforms, and more features, such as Briefcase file sharing, we support direct configuration with Apple computers’ pre-installed software.
Jay Says:
On up-to-date macs, we support the built-in mail, calendar and contact apps natively, that is, without having to add any software to your macs, only with straight-forward configuration. Configure zMailCloud in Mail app as an IMAP server, and real-time contacts and calendars sync via Mac’s buil-in support for CalDav and CardDav, the respective, open standards for calendar and contact sharing. See our Getting Started Guide for more details.

For Apple OS desktop clients we recommend using the built-in Mac software, our native desktop client, or Mozilla’s Thunderbird. Note that while we support not only email, but calendar, contact sync with the Windows version of Outlook, at this time we support mail-only, IMAP-configurations with Mac Outlook clients.

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