What are my migration options?

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We have made switching to zMailCloud quick and easy for thousands of organizations.

Dan Says:
We know how important a smooth transition can be for your business. Without inconveniencing your users, you can migrate from one to thousands of accounts, with our advice, free software wizards or 100% satisfaction-guaranteed, professional migration assistance.
After ordering, you’ll be able to login to our Customer Center’s Help Desk and its knowledgebase, where step-by-step instructions are accessible with migration support options.  Want us to manage migration for you?  Contact me for a custom migration plan.
Jay Says:
Self-migration options include, among others, PST import wizard, syncing from your desktop clients, ICS or CSV uploads. Optionally we can often do it all for you, from planning through data transfer.
Our migration team has more than eight years experience not only with mail, but also calendars, contacts and other data from other solutions, including, for instance, Exchange (hosted and on premises), Groupwise, Google Apps (GApps) Domino/Notes, Ipswitch, and POP/IMAP-based systems such as Postfix and Sendmail. See our Getting Started Guide for more details.Whether you migrate yourself, or we do it or you, we support split-domain & dual-delivery transitional configurations, multi-threaded IMAP-sync and more.

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