What are your service requirements?

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zMailCloud delivers software as a service (SaaS), supported, so common broadband internet access, allowing us to host your email, and a valid credit card may be considered the only key requirements.

Dan Says:
While we support broad compatibility with most devices and software, because you access zMailCloud online, no particular device or software is required. No more than one mailbox is required for purchase. Your team may be located together, or separated by national borders, as long as they have internet access. No licensing, nor even expertise is needed. We’re happy to provide a free consultation.
Jay Says:

We expect you’ll have control over at least one domain name, such as yourcompany.com, and update its mail exchange (MX) records when you’ve prepared to receive email at zMailCloud by signing up for service and adding your mailboxes through the web Admin Console. Note that we do not provide domain name, nor website hosting, and it’s normally not necessary for you to make any changes to those services while migrating to, and using ours.

For accessing our service, computers purchased in the last 6 years usually work fine, as will modern operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), web browsers and software you’ve kept up-to-date. Minimum requirements are listed in our Terms of Service.

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