How do you secure my email?

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zMailCloud uses a multi-layered approach to email security, and provides many additional options to secure your email.

Dan Says:
When we talk about our online community, and shared resources, it’s important you know that, other people cannot see your email, calendars, contacts, or other data, unless you want them to!  We take your privacy seriously, and work to maintain your confidentiality, as documented in our Terms of Service.
The team that built zMailCloud has also been the architect of messaging solutions for organizations with strict regulatory requirements, including those in finance, health care and the U.S. Federal Government. After reviewing Jay’s specific list below, please contact me if you’ve any questions or additional needs.
Jay Says:
Some specifics on how we secure email:

  • Encryption in transit: 256-bit SSL/TLS available free for all services
  • Free, advanced, integrated anti-spam, virus and phishing
  • Encryption at rest: S/MIME support available free for all accounts
  • Secure, regulatory compliant and certified Infrastructure
  • Support for SPF Records
  • Optional Automated Security Gateway for public/private (PKI) management, encryption, non-repudation and digital loss/leak prevention (DLP) outbound content scanning and actions
  • Reference our Terms of Service, Cloud Addendum: Security.

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