Account, attachment and upload size limits?

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Account/mailbox size limit: 50 GB (50,000MB). File attachment size limit: 50 MB. File upload size limit: 1GB (1,000 MB).

Dan Says:
Note that our competitors typically limit attachment sizes to under 25MB, do not provide file upload service without additional charges, and limit account size from 2 to 25GB.
Jay Says:

You may also ask why we allow larger file uploads than attachments? Well, not only can you share files that you’ve uploaded to other team members using zMailCloud, but you may also send links to those files by email to recipients outside of zMailCloud. Password protected or public, we provide this way to transmit files larger than might otherwise be received as attachments by external recipients.

Please note that due to the typical limitations of mail clients other than our advanced web client, it’s best practice to use the web client with very large mailbox sizes, or else if you can, limit your other email client to only displaying a selection of your available mail, the way you can, for instance, set your iPhone preferences to only show the last month of mail.

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