How do you define account, and mailbox?

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We refer to mailboxes as accounts. An account is an email address where one receives, and through which one may organize, tag, search, share and send email.

Dan Says:

Each account also has access to other features such as calendars, address books, briefcases for storing files of any type, tasks and other information, each of which, like email folders themselves, may be organized, searched, tagged and shared the way you want.

While it’s expected that each account will only be used by one person, each account may be accessed by one person’s many different devices simultaneously. For example, you may use Outlook at the office, a Mac at home, a Blackberry on the road, sometimes an iPod Touch, and when none are accessible, a web browser. With a zMailCloud account, email, calendars, contacts and tasks stay up-to-date across all of your devices, automatically updated within minutes across the internet.

Jay Says:
Accounts are where zMailCloud stores information for each user, including the data Dan mentions above and more, such as user preferences, rules, and anti-spam/virus black and white lists. Additionally, each person’s account supports the self-configuration of many signatures, personas and externally-checked mailboxes.

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