Is my connection to zMailCloud secure?

Written by Jay Cihla on . Posted in Using zMailCloud

Yes! In other words, the zMailCloud web client operates in https (SSL encrypted) mode only.

The server will remain in https (encrypted) mode throughout your use of the site.

In addition, S/MIME encryption support is available free for all accounts.

Keeping access secure

We suggest you create a bookmark/shortcut to your server address.  Customers with custom addresses, please use your custom domain address, such as (the customURL for whichever server your mailbox(es) are on, and use that when you log in. HTTPS, secure mode is always used when you’re connecting from, for example, a public wi-fi network such as that you might use at an airport or your local Starbucks/Peets.
Additional Notes
Note that the zMailCloud servers support secure SMTP, POP and IMAP connections to and from mail clients and PDAs using 256-bit, public SSL certificates for HTTP(s), SMTP, IMAP and POP, which includes syncing with the desktop clients.We use public SSL certificates, which provides an error-free, secure experience in zMailCloud.
  For more on security in zMailCloud please see our Security FAQ.
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