Logging into zMailCloud for the First Time

Written by Jay Cihla on . Posted in Using zMailCloud

Congratulations on joining zMailCloud! Now, let’s get you started on logging in so you can begin working with your team.

Step One

Verify that you’ve received your order confirmation and welcome emails from 01.com. They should arrive within 10 minutes of signing up for your account.

Step Two

Go to the zMailCloud login page and sign in using your email address and the temporary password provided in your welcome email.

Step Three

Change your password, and use a secure, 8 + character password! Then change
“admin” to the email address of your primary technical contact (probably you!)

Step Four

For help using desktop email clients, connecting mobile devices and more, consult our Getting Started Guide.


If you are the administrator for your team, you will also want to become acquainted with the Admin Console. Information on using the Admin Console can also be found in our Getting Started Guide.
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