We’re here to help you grow from sole-proprietorship through your first public offering.

Our dedicated, full-time team is composed of experienced professionals averaging more than 5 years at zMailCloud, led by even more experienced management. An unusually cohesive team, some have led us for more than a decade, prioritizing delightful, convenient, affordable and well-supported cloud collaboration tools for businesses.

Jay Cihla, Sales & Support x126 “Let’s take the work out of teamwork.”
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Jay leads the entirely U.S.-based, polite and empathetic zMailCloud sales & support team, using best-practices developed over more than a decade to help you and your company achieve your goals through better collaboration.

Previously Senior Help Desk Support and On-line Marketing Manager at OnDeckTech Mac Help, Jay is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, with a focus in Marketing Communications.  Like the rest of our support team, he also does Windows.

Other interests include professional photography, and technology.

Pat Walsh, Finance x132 “A policy won’t come between us.”
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Pat is the zMailCloud finance department leader, helping to manage the flow of business, ensure convenient interaction between you, our team, departments, and automated systems.

Pat’s prior experience includes Operations Manager for an international manufacturer of environmental protection/filtering devices.

A former Chicagoan who took a liberal arts degree and pottery wheel to Chicago’s northwest suburbs, where she now enjoys travel, throwing pots and walking a crazy dog.

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