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How do I recover data I accidentally deleted from my mailbox?

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We backup your mailbox every day for 30 days, and so can recover/restore/undelete your mailbox in the cloud environment up to 48 days in the past. This means that you can contact us with a request to restore your mailbox from, for example, 4 weeks ago, so that you can retrieve a message or attachment you deleted at that time.

We will restore your mailbox under a different name, such as restored_mailbox, you can login, find your information, and send it to yourself. To request restoration, please submit a ticket here in our help desk with the subject: Restore Mailbox. Please include the date, time & time zone you would like to restore the account to.


To avoid charges for the mailbox on your next invoice, please remove the restored mailbox through the Domain Admin at before the 28th of this month or contact billing via email to to request a 1 month extension if you would like additional time to review the restored mailbox.

Given these requests are not abused, we perform this service free-of-charge for zMailCloud clients. It normally takes us less than 48 hours to perform these requests.

Note that you may keep your mail in your account as long as you like, we have an unlimited retention policy (except in the case of mail stored in your Trash or Junk folders, which it is our standard policy to delete after 30 days – and you may alter this policy per domain, by request).

Our backup gives us the ability to recover (“undelete”, “roll-back”) even deleted email and other data. Whereas our Legal Compliance (Discovery) service, extends the capability even further but only with email and attachments, enables a separate, private, searchable archive of all inbound and outbound mail for select mailboxes, across mailboxes, including headers and most attachments for as long as you maintain the archiving service.

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