Can I use Outlook to access zMailCloud?

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Yes. While the web client offers the fullest user experience, you can also use many different methods to access your information, and it all stays in sync, even if you use multiple devices.

zMailCloud is compatible with Windows XP, SP2, and Outlook 2003, and will support Vista and Outlook 2007 in the most recent version.

zMailCloud features available from Outlook include:

  • Email, calendars, tasks and contacts syncing/sharing
  •  Personas are available in Outlook under Tools>Options>Personas
  •  Mail Filters are available in Outlook under Tools>Zimbra Server Rules
  • Tags are synchronized with Outlook Categories
  • Account quotas: view account quotas under Tools>Mailbox Quota.  If close to quota, users can use Outlook Archiving to save files to their computer to prevent going over their quota limit. Outlook Archiving removes the messages from the zMailCloud servers.  Note that this archiving is different from Zimbra Archiving & Discovery.
  • Shard folders: accessed under Outlook>>File>>Open>>Other User’s Folder.  Shares can be created/edited by right clicking on the item to share, and selecting the sharing tab.

Features not available from Outlook include:

  • Out of Office Reply is not available from Outlook. Users can log into the zMailCloud web client to set up and turn off their out-of-office alerts.
  • Search folders created in zMailCloud do not synchronize to Outlook.
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