How do I access zMailCloud?

Written by Jay Cihla on . Posted in Uncategorized

The best way to access zMailCloud is using a web browser.   Nearly all web browser releases since 2007 will work, although we recommend using Firefox for Windows or Mac OSX.  The web client gives you access to all of zMailCloud’s features, and provides the most robust, user-friendly interface.

You may also download the Zimbra desktop client, which is designed to maximize the use of features in zMailCloud.  Another option is to sync with desktop software like Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail or Thunderbird to access your zMailCloud account.  These programs allow users to access their mail, calendars and tasks, but may not support some features of zMailCloud, like the use of file sharing services.

If syncing with desktop software, you will need:

  • Windows XP SP2+ or Windows Vista, Windows 7.  Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010.
  • Mac sync: OS 10.4 or later.
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