How do I recover emails/folders from a restored account?

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IMPORTANT NOTE: These instructions describe the steps to recover email/folders from a restored email account that has already been created for you by our help desk. If you need to request an account restore, please submit a help desk ticket as the 1st step.


In order to recover email in your restored account, please setup the restored account as an external account under Preferences > Accounts > Add External Account in your normal web client account at

The settings to use for the external account are:

Email address: The restored email address provided to you by our help desk. For example,
Account name:
Account type: IMAP
Username of Account:
Password: your password
Email server:
Use an encrypted connection (SSL) when accessing this server: checked
IMAP Port: 993
Download messages to: Folder

Click ‘Save’ at the top when you are finished, then click OK.

Once the external account is added, the folders will show under the folder list on the left in your zMailCloud account. Once the external account is fully synced up, you can drag the restored email/folders you wish to recover to your normal zMailCloud account folder(s), then delete the restored account under Preferences > Accounts once it is migrated over.

Once your email is recovered, please delete the restored account through the zMailCloud Admin panel at: to avoid being charged for the restore account.

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