What are the system requirements?

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  • Expertise: none required. We provide end-to-end assistance, from presales to migration, through maintenance.
  • Licensing: price includes licensing and all updates for the underlying Zimbra top-of-the-line Network Professional Edition.
  • To get started: use our secure, automated order form to activate service in 5 minutes.
  • Domain name: you must have at least 1 domain for business hosting.
  • Domain name hosting: not required nor provided. After you activate service, point your domain’s MX records to our servers when you’re ready.
  • Website hosting: not required nor provided. Your website can stay where it is. Just point your email to our servers using your MX record when you’re ready.
  • Mailbox administration: use the secure Email admin to add/delete mailboxes and perform basic tasks.
  • Security: not required, and available is 256-bit SSL encryption for IMAP, POP3, SMTP, HTTP & LDAP.
  • Organizational size: Typically 1 to 500 team members (orgs above 150 users consider Exclusive Hosting for a dedicated server)
  • Location: Your team can be together or dispersed. U.S. and international.
  • Support: 24×7 help desk
  • Language: support for many languages. zMailCloud currently only provides an English-speaking help desk, although its help desk may be reached toll-free, and from anywhere via chat or web ticketing system.
  • Web access: any OS capable of running browsers released since 2007.
  • Email client: web or any POP3/IMAP4 client.
  • Desktop sync: Outlook, Mac mail/iCal/AddressBook, Thunderbird.
  • Outlook sync: Windows XP SP2+ or Windows Vista, Windows 7. Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010.
  • Mac sync: OS 10.4 or later.
  • Personalized web entry: use our login widget on our website, or add it to your own website!
  • iPhone web access: any iPhone
  • iPhone ActiveSync: iPhones running version 2.0+ for email, calendar and contact “push” instant, bi-directional sync
  • BES POP/IMAP email access: through your telephone provider, free-of-charge from zMailCloud
  • BES native Blackberry Sync: unlimited data plan, BES network access (zMailCloud has its own BES servers)
  • Blackberry, Treo or other smart phone pop mail access: any mobile device
  • Treo ActiveSync: Palm or Windows Mobile with ActiveSync support
  • Windows Mobile: 5, 6, 7 or 2003
  • Smart phone data plans: we assume all of the phones you use to sync have unlimited data plans.
  • Payment type: regular automated credit card or e-check after emailed reports and invoices.
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