Why zMailCloud over Exchange Server?

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Many customers choose zMailCloud as an alternative to Microsoft’s Exchange Server.  Here are just a few of the most common reasons for selecting the zMailCloud solution:

Cloud vs On Premise

Where an application sits and who owns the servers are important considerations for many businesses. zMailCloud exists entirely in the cloud. Microsoft Exchange Server was built as an on-site solution that has struggled to accommodate the proliferation of new devices and the move to virtualization and the cloud.  With zMailCloud’s cloud-based architecture your organization can bypass all of the headaches of maintaining your own hardware.

Consistent User Experience

Wireless access, virtualization, and cloud computing are creating a continuous global computing environment in which users will expect consistency of operation and features from critical applications. zMailCloud offers this consistency with a web client that is consistent across Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers on Windows, Mac, and Linux clients.  For user preferring a desktop application, ZMC offers a downloadable client that works the same online or off.  zMailCloud also gives committed Outlook users full support of their favorite client with no loss of major functionality.

Device Support

The zMailCloud commitment to open standards extends across third-party email clients that support IMAP, POP, CardDAV, CalDAV, and Apple’s iSync, including iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry smartphones. zMailCloud extends that commitment through close collaborative relationships with hardware, OS, application software and network providers across the industry.

Support and Costs

Microsoft Exchange is still renowned for its proprietary, single-platform focus, and high administrative and operational costs.  zMailCloud offers a more economical option, with no hardware or licensing costs.  You pay an affordable per-user price, making it easy to expand the solution as your organization grows.  And with 24×7 end-user support, your team has an always-available resource for troubleshooting.

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