Up-time Reporting

Monthly performance statistics

Pingdom is the third-party service monitoring zMailCloud from the following countries and cities:

Monitoring servers
# Country City
1 England London
2 Netherlands Amsterdam
3 United States Houston
4 United States Herndon
5 United States Dallas
6 England London
7 Canada Montreal
8 Sweden Stockholm
9 United States Dallas, TX
10 United States Berkeley, CA
11 Sweden Vasteras
12 Singapore

This page uses the real-time system availability reports displayed at the Customer Center to measure zMailCloud’s up-time, excluding scheduled maintenance. Note that it may take 48 hours for scheduled maintenance to be reflected. This means the numbers may be low after a weekend during which there was an upgrade.

Our up-time goal is 100%, excluding scheduled maintenance, and our minimum goal is 99.9%, or less than about 45 minutes per month of service interruptions.  Please reference the zMailCloud service level agreement (SLA).

More service performance metrics are on the way for your convenience, with the objective of accurately measuring quality of service from your perspective.

Status reported by third-party servers in the United States, European Union and Canada, refreshed about every 5 minutes.

zMailCloud uses a third-party to publicly report our systems’ status.  Pingdom reports the status of our servers to deliver greater:

  • Geographic diversity – with locations around the world, like our clients;
  • Reliability – outsourced to a specialist, a model to which we’re committed; and
  • Credibility – performance reporting backed by an industry-leading SLA.

For responsiveness and security, zMailCloud also monitors its internal systems using a combination of other, privately hosted systems.

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