Easier and More Than Zimbra

Convenient, affordable cloud collaboration for business.


Providing the ready-to-use, well-supported convenience of software as a service (SaaS), zMailCloud’s foundation is the most feature-rich version of VMWare’s commercially licensed, Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) software, typically just called “Zimbra.”

What is Zimbra? Available in both a feature and support-limited, open source version, Zimbra is considered groupware, integrating enterprise e-mail, calendaring, contact sharing and more.  As of 2012, more than 80 million users use Zimbra, making it the third largest paid, licensed email platform after Microsoft and IBM.

zMailCloud uses Zimbra, among other software, to support thousands of companies, making it the single largest hosting environment for business in the world that’s based on the most up-to-date, tested, top-of-the-line,  Zimbra Network Professional Version 8.

zMailCloud serves organizations with as few as a single mailbox, and as many as thousands, across most industries.  While most customers are in North America, and our support team is currently only American English speaking, we have client organizations in more than 100 countries.  And the Web Client supports more than 20 languages!

Zimbra’s differentiation from competitors such as Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes, is based on

  • an integrated, secure, rich web experience,
  • opportunities for customization based on a commitment to standards-based, open source modularity, and
  • leading flexibility, supporting the Mac, Windows, and Linux desktop experience, as well as all popular mobile devices.

zMailCloud is much more than Zimbra.  While based on Zimbra, zMailCloud is more than simply Zimbra software as a service (SaaS), adding unique features intended to benefit small and medium sized businesses, enabling our customers conveniently and affordably to collaborate better than the best-funded, largest enterprises in the world.

Enhanced and optimized over more than seven years, zMailCloud allows even a sole proprietor to leverage a world-class, VMware’s vCloud-certified infrastructure, a professional support team averaging more than four years experience, and a solution designed to take the work out of teamwork.

  • Ever accidentally delete an email?  Free of charge, undelete mailbox information from up to 100 days earlier.
  • Never want email from a sender again?  Across your whole domain?  Simple-to-use, advanced, integrated anti-virus, spam and phishing, including user and domain-level white/black list management within the web client… no need for a separate management console.
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